All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[2.2.1] => 2022-APR-06


  • Fixes an issue with property file license activation

[2.2.0] => 2022-MAR-31


  • Added support for cluster password authentication

  • Added cluster cache configuration for read timeouts

  • Added cluster cache configuration for max number of pool connections

[2.1.0] => 2022-MAR-16


  • Fixes an issue with Cluster cache connections due to uninstantiated connection manager


  • Added support for environmental configuration of license variables





  • Added support for an array of hostnames and ports to the configuration ( e.g., port=6379,6377 )

[2.0.0] => 2022-AUG-05


  • LRE-35 cache filters for getting entries was not working

  • LRE-32 getting all values/entries was not passing a built key, so return struct was always null

  • LRE-23 LicenseHelper not validating all editions of similar product skus


  • LRE-41 Ability to choose which database to connect to in Redis, apart from 0 being the default

  • LRE-40 Migration of docs to gitbook

  • LRE-39 New redisSubscribe() so you can subscribe with closures/lambdas or CFCs to listen to Redis messages

  • LRE-38 New redisPublish() UDF so you can publish messages into the Redis cluster

  • LRE-37 New UDF redisGetClusterNodes() to get a map of cluster node objects

  • LRE-36 Redis Cluster protocol support (RedisCluster, Sentinel, AWS, DigitalOcean)

  • LRE-33 Redis publish and subscribe features

  • LRE-31 New native cfml function: redisGetCluster() to get access to the native redis cluster manager

  • LRE-30 Improve all exception handling to show exception messages

  • LRE-29 Creation of a base class to share between cache implementations

  • LRE-28 Add docker redis cluster support

  • LRE-27 Update Jedis to 2.9.3

  • LRE-25 Allow for a new setting to allow for case-sensitive mode instead of case-insensitive mode (default)

[1.4.0] => 2019-NOV-5

  • New Features

    • Added a log4j bridge and custom appender so all log messages from the Redis library will not go out to the out logs in Lucee

  • Improvements

    • Added all members of the RedisConnection class to be public/static so they can be inspected and reused

    • Added a getConnectionKeys() in the RedisConnection class to see which caches are configured and how

    • Added RuntTimeExceptions and IOExceptions whenever a Redis connection cannot be made to improve errors

    • Added more context when exceptions happen to the error messages

    • Converted all connection pool access to try's with resources for auto-closing and better code visibility

    • Coverted all valueList() and entryLIst() to leverage parallel streams for performance

  • Bugs

    • Fixes an issue which caused the extension to fail on Lucee v5.2.9 and v5.3.x

[1.3.0] => 2019-SEP-30

  • Added ability to set the following new settings on a cache connection:

    • Timeout

    • use SSL

    • Password

    • Max Connections

    • Max Idle Connections

[1.2.0] => 2019-MAR-05

  • Init methods on the cache constructor are not static -

  • Auto publishing

  • S3 Publishing automated

  • Added more verbose logging

  • Added more logging for exception handling

  • Major fix for session expirations when using session clusters with Lucee

  • Removed tests source from final package to reduce binary size

[1.1.0] => 2018-JAN-16

  • Minor fixes on Logging

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